BTYFC uses ClubPay to make it easier, quicker, safer and more convenient for you to make payments and provide us with information.

By using this site you are subject to ClubPay's terms & conditions of use, a short form of which are summarised below. These are designed to cover the key points in an accessible, easy to understand and easy to digest manner. The is nothing especially sinister lurking in there; they explain how the site works and will provide answers to common questions.

You will find Terms & Conditions specific to BTYFC by using the link in the menu above.

Any enquiries regarding bookings, courses, events, memberships or the day-to-day activities of the vendor should be directed towards Bradford Town YFC. Please ONLY contact ClubPay if the question is related to the ClubPay platform itself.

ClubPay Overview:

The internet can be a murky place for the unwary so we have taken every precaution to protect ourselves, our payment partners and our customers from the risks posed by a very small minority of unscrupulous organisations and individuals.

The net result of this is a set of Terms & Conditions that are as short and to the point as we can make them, but which still run to many thousands of words. Nor, in all honesty, are they the most gripping read - there are brands of paint that dry in a more entertaining manner.

We are therefore pleased to provide this quick & easy version, designed to cover the key points of our service and the associated Terms & Conditions in an accessible, easy to understand and easy to digest manner.

However, we strongly recommend that you take the time to familiarise yourself with the unexpurgated version - it is the full version that you are required to agree to as part of every customer transaction or when signing up as a Vendor; you must make sure that you are comfortable with all the provisions it contains.

It is also where you will find full details of our Refunds Policy, the cards we accept and company details including full contact information.

Summarised Terms & Conditions of Use of ClubPay:


  • ClubPay: A commercial organisation offering easy eCommerce facilities to clubs, schools and other small, predominantly amateur and/or not-for-profit organisations
  • Vendor Organisation: a club, school, or other predominantly amateur and/or not-for-profit organisation wishing to take advantage of the eCommerce facilities offered by ClubPay
  • Customer: a person wishing to purchase goods or services from a Vendor Organisation through the eCommerce facilities offered by ClubPay
  • Site: a sub-site of the ClubPay website exclusively dedicated to a Vendor Organisation and its goods and services

So What Do ClubPay Do?

  • We provide facilities through which clubs, schools and other small, predominantly amateur and/or not-for-profit organisations can sell memberships and other products to members and prospective members through a website
  • The site is normally available all day, every day, all year round and allows payment by card - we believe that this offers a number of benefits to both Vendor Organisations and Customers
  • We provide a receipt for every transaction to the Customer
  • We provide an itemised breakdown of sales for the month, an invoice for our fees and a list of membership data collected, if required
  • We put things right if we make a mistake in publishing the information and products supplied to us by the Vendor Organisation, or if we make a mistake in the payment process

So What Don't ClubPay Do?

  • Aside from packages of services that we sell directly to Vendor Organisations, we do not sell anything directly to Customers. The primary relationship between buyer and seller exists between the Vendor Organisation and their Customers
  • Whilst we undertake reasonable checks on every Vendor Organisation to verify that they are who they say they are, we cannot possibly guarantee that every transaction with every organisation is risk free. We would therefore recommend that all Customers check with the Club, School or other Organisation prior to making a purchase to ensure that they are a genuine ClubPay Vendor
  • Many of the Products offered by our Vendor Organisations are service-based and may be delivered sequentially over an extended period of time, e.g. a club membership, a coaching course. As ClubPay are not directly involved in delivery we have no means to assess the legitimacy of any claims for refund, nor are we able to assess whether a full refund or a pro-rated refund is appropriate.
  • In the first instance, all refund requests must therefore be addressed to the Vendor Organisation providing the Product or Service.
  • Your normal rights as a consumer apply to your purchase (you have the right to cancel within seven days of the Vendor Organisation’s contract with you, or within seven days of receipt of the goods, whichever is the longer), but please remember that it is the Vendor Organisation who have the responsibility for protecting those rights in the first instance, not ClubPay.
  • We will not normally make refunds directly to the Customer - these are the responsibility of the Vendor Organisation, except where any error is the fault of ClubPay.
  • Refunds between the Vendor Organisation and the Customer may be made by cash, cheque, or other appropriate method, but not by card through ClubPay, except where the Dispute Resolution process applies.
  • We do not manage stock of physical products on behalf of Vendor Organisations - we will show a product as being available until told to stop doing so by the Vendor Organisation
  • ClubPay do not provide the only means by which you can purchase something from the Vendor Organisation. There is no reason why you should feel uncomfortable using ClubPay as we are a respectable, responsible and reputable organisation. However, if you are not comfortable using ClubPay for whatever reason, please talk to the organisation in question - they will be pleased to help with other forms of payment